About Us

Combat boots, tactical boots, parade boots to name a few

What We Do

Located in Toronto Canada, The Wear and Now Inc began renting uniforms in 2006.  We carry a variety of uniforms across a number of categories, including hospitality, restaurant industry, medical, maids, pilots, religious robes and scarves, military, first responders (EMS, EMT, Paramedic, Police, FBI, NYPD, ) construction workers, delivery workers, hazmat, kendo, body armour, school uniforms, cheerleaders, fencing, and so much more.

broken down coveralls and shop coats

Responsible Renting

Every year, tons of mass produced goods go into landfills. Disposable clothing is a huge concern. Cities around the GTA are banning textiles from landfills. By supporting the rental industry and the reused fashion movement, you help break that trend. It keeps those items in use and removes you from the cycle of poorly-made, short-lived clothing. Join us in making ethical and responsible decisions within the Toronto film industry.

hospitality set

Different Projects...Different Needs

Every project is different.  If you have questions for us, about our uniform rentals or about  our products,  please get in touch!  We look forward to working with established clients as well as new production teams. 


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